Episode 1 Hagar Qim  
Episode 2 Self Portrait with his Family Antoine Camilleri
Episode 3 The Handmaid of the Lord Caesar Attard
Episode 4 Baptisim of St Paul (detail) Cirlce of Luis Borassa
Episode 5 Les Gavroches Antonio Sciortino
Episode 6 White Shadows Richard England
Episode 7 St John Baptist de La Salle Monument Emvin Cremona
Episode 8 Guardian Angel Francesco Zahra
Episode 9 The Descent of the Holy Spirit Francesco Grandi
Episode 10 The Two Lovers Anton Agius
Episode 11 Interacting Colour Fields 02 Alfred Camilleri
Episode 12 Tal-Hlas Sanctuary, Limits of Qormi  
Episode 13 Neapolitan Style Presepio  
Episode 14 Holy Family Stained Glass Design  
Episode 15 St Joseph Ganni Bonnici
Episode 16 History of Maltese Industry (Postage Stamps) Frank Portelli
Episode 17 Workers' Memorial Anton Agius
Episode 18 Statue of Emperor Claudius  
Episode 19 Emvin Cremona Exhibition Malta Postal Museum
Episode 20 Proscenium Salesian Theatre, Sliema Giuseppe Cali
Episode 21 Sleeping Lady  
Episode 22 St Jerome Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
Episode 23 The Last Supper Antoine de Favray
Episode 24 Bust of a Boy (Mario) Joseph Mary Genuis
Episode 25 Martyrdom of St Agatha Giovanni Baglione
Episode 26 Plague of 1813 Pietro Paolo Caruana
Episode 27 Lando Crucifix Church of St Catherine of Italy, Valletta
Episode 28 Benedizione Willie Apap
Episode 29 St Anthont the Abbot Vincent Apap
Episode 30 Holy Family Lazzaro Pisani
Episode 31 Maltese Trades (Mural) Frank Portelli
Episode 32 Cliffs at San Niklaw, Mellieha George Fenech
Episode 33 Penitent Peter Mattia Preti
Episode 34 Boschetto Fair Edward Caruana Dingli
Episode 35 Self Portrait Antoine Favray
Episode 36 St Francis Xavier Francesco Solimena
Episode 37 Straight Street Antoine Camilleri


The Series

Presented by Hilary Spiteri
Produced & Directed by CPI Media & Marthese Brincat
Camera / Lighting by Paul Jones, Louis Mallia & Baskal Mallia
Written by Hilary Spiteri
Re-Recording Mixing by CPI Media
A CPI Media Production

Starting from October 2019, Hilary Spiteri will be featured on socio-religious programme Sensilhena aired on TVM2. Weekly, throughout this journey, Spiteri will be featuring a work of art or two related to the theme discussed in the programme.

Sensilhena is presented by Christine Delicata and produced by CPI Media.